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Don't take Palmie Drinking

Date added: 9/20/1999


I was going out for a drink with an old friend. I was sure I didn''t really need to take my Palm V (AKA Palmie) along, but I said, what the heck? We shouldn''t be away from each other just because she doesn''t drink. So there, after many rounds of brew (although I insisted, Palmie refused to even have a sip), I had decided to call it it a night, in my drunken confusion, I had my Nokia and my pack of cigarettes in hand, thinking I had everything I brought along. An hour later, I had realized it, horror or horrors! I had left Palmie at the bar with my latest issue of Wired! I rushed back, only to find the establishment had already closed. I insisted they let me in as I had left a trusty friend behind. I rushed to the bar and found my magazine, but where was Palmie? I feel my heart beating faster, expecting my very worst fear, I had lost Palmie! I slump on the bar, bang my head a couple of times, thinking, "what have I done?". Then, 2 minutes later, the bartender taps my shoulder from behind and says, "I think this is what you''re looking for". REUNITED!

Moral lesson: Dinking and Palmie just don''t mix!

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