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Slipped into the Abyss

Victim: J Patterson
Date added: 10/24/2002


Slipped into the Abyss A few months ago I was in a local sports bar with my Palm IIIx (which I carried everywhere, and even kept by my pillow at night). Usually I kept it in a backpack, but this time I didnít have the backpack with me.

After a few glasses, I went to the rest room and set the Palm on the back of the toilet because I didn't have any back pockets on the pants I was wearing that day. After relieving myself, I reached forward to grab the Palm and it slipped into the toilet full of pee. I rolled up my sleeve and cringed as I fished it out.

Needless to say it was dead. I'd rinsed it several times at home only to have it come alive for about 20 seconds once. For the next 2 weeks I had to go around without a Palm (can you imagine the withdrawals?) However it wound up being a blessing in disguise; I called around to several pawnshops in the area and found a IIIxe for $90, and I had them hold it for me. When I got there, I noticed it was in brand new condition, but because it had no cradle, I offered them $50 and they agreed.

Not only did I get a brand new Palm with a perfectly unscratched screen; It has TWICE the memory of my old Palm and it matches the color of my folding keyboard!

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