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A Sad Tale

Victim: Aria Wenda Ong
Date added: 11/13/2002


A Sad Tale Dear "The Palm Graveyard" readers,

I accidentally dropped my Palm Vx from its craddle on top of my desk while I was hotsyncing. This was the first time I saw that my palm was lying on the floor. I have never did such stupid thing to let it drop from the craddle.

I picked it up and saw the screen was broken. The first thing that I did was e-mailing the Palm customer service in Singapore to get a screen replacement. I was amazed when the person in charge told me about the cost. It is SGD$220 which equivalent to US$125.

It is not easy for me as a college student to get such amount of money. I can't imagine that the palm screen can burn a hole in my pocket. To my horror, that price is actually more expensive than buying a new palm. A Harvey Norman store in Singapore sells Palm m500 for SGD$199 and Palm m505 for SGD$299 (until today they are having their stock clearance sale). It is cheaper to get them as a handheld replacement.

I am still sad to think about my broken palm. I want to see the new Palm running OS 5 and think to get that as the replacement. The happy thing is it only took 1 working day for Palm Customer Service to respond to my e-mail. Although I can't use my palm anymore, I still keep the stylus. That's the only thing that left behind.

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