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My Zaurus 5500 Cheats Death

Victim: Chad Carter, Italy
Date added: 1/21/2003


I've tried to kill my Zaurus 5500 but it's been cheating death.  First was a drop while getting it from my pocket, in which I tried to cushion the fall with my foot by reaction, in which my Z flew a few feet, skidded on the tiles till it hit the wall. The plastic screen cover fell off which is easily reattached.

Another routine drop from chest height with screen cover falling off. Third I was sitting on the commode browsing web sites and had to blow my nose, reaching for TP, my Z flipped off my lap, onto the tile, keyboard cover and screen cover scatter.  The sliding keyboard cover snapped back on with no issues.

Last I came home, set my Z on top of my PC Tower with the headphones dangling. My cat Poppie grabs hold of an earpiece in her mouth and runs for her  play rug in another room.  Screen cover again. It also survived day 1 of snowboard season in a buttpack on my stomach side.

I feel it'll soon join the ranks but has been holding out well so far.

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