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60 mph Mistake at the border....

Victim: David Pabst
Date added: 1/29/2003


60 mph Mistake at the border.... This last summer, as soon as it was available, I bought a brand new Sony Clié T-665 from Best Buy (which also had just opened in Riverdale, UT) right before I went on a road trip down to Arizona (a ten hour drive) to visit a friend in the Phoenix area. A week later, on my way home, I decided to stop at the Utah-Arizona border to get a picture. I decided to use my Clié in its PalmGlove case to steady my digital camera on my car, so I could get a self-timed picture of me in front of the Arizona sign. Someone had spray painted "Welcome to Hell" on the sign. Little did I know how true that would be....

After taking the picture and grabbing my digital camera, I proceeded to drive off into Utah. I was up to about 60 miles per hour when I heard a faint thud thud thud in the distance. I don't even know how I heard it.... but it gave me the worst sinking feeling in my stomach. I looked over praying that I would see my Clié safely on my passenger seat, but to my dismay it wasn't there. I knew exactly what happened at that point. I had left my makeshift "camera stand" on top of my trunk _with_ the case UNZIPPED and had driven off with it sitting there. I calmly drove back and picked it up off of the asphalt. I am a strong believer in the PalmGlove case because I am convinced that if my case had been zipped shut, I would still be using the same Clié today. The velcro back kept my handheld connected to my case and the back of it was totally scratch and dent free. I'm using the same case... it was undamaged.

I was in complete shock, so I even started driving away before I realized that my case _used to_ carry my credit cards. I finally realized that and drove back to search across the road for my credit cards (which I found). I did totally forget about my driver's licence which is possibly still somewhere on the road by the border.

The screen was naturally cracked (as you can see) and the aluminum casing was thrashed on the front, BUT it still worked! I couldn't see what I was doing, but since I had shortcuts programmed, I even listened to MP3s on the way home from my mangled Clié! It continued to work the rest of the way because I had a car charger for it. After a while it totally died although the screen would still light up as you can see.

LUCKILY my brain was in "how-can-I-resolve-this" emergency mode and I realized that because I had just purchased it on my MasterCard, it would be covered by the Purchase Assurance Program, so on my way home I went and bought another one.

I told my story to the curious salesman (who had sold me one one week earlier) at Best Buy who gave me a receipt for a "non-repairable item" to send to MC. He was curious to know why I was buying another one a week later. Naturally I couldn't be without my Clié !! A while later I got a $400 check in the mail. I love MasterCard!!! I had to return what you can see in the picture, but I got a free cradle/charger and stylus out of a stupid mistake.

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