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Supper Happy Clie N710 Reincarnation!

Victim: George Biastre Jr.
Date added: 5/17/2004 12:52:13 PM


Supper Happy Clie N710 Reincarnation! Ok, I don't have ugly pictures but I do have a good story.  My Clie N710 hit the driveway at terminal velocity-rendering it nearly useless. 

I toyed around with the idea of replacing the digitizer myself.  But, before ordering one from I decided to take the unit apart and see how difficult this surgery would be. 

After taking the unit apart I decided that I couldn't possibly put it back together the way they did it in Japan.  So, I posted the dissassembled Clie (see pic) on eBay and sold it AS IS within three hours for $65 plus shipping!

Attention all Palm Graveyard contributors... you might consider doing the same thing!  Some money is better than none.


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