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Slipcase lives up to its name

Victim: Jim Jurena
Date added: 8/29/2005


Slipcase lives up to its name(-OR- "Welcome to the Bet-eBay Ford Clinic"):

Having STUPIDLY jammed my Visor Prism _with_ Magellan GPS attached in the slipcase several times, it began to loosen up like a Cheerleader working her way through the entire Football team.

One night, with unadorned Visor alone in its Slipcase, I picked it up from where I had placed it earlier. I held it by the sides, which stick out a small amount. Stiched inside are seams in the leather where the stretch(ed) material "holds" the Handspring inside.

Due to the promiscuous activity while roaming from waypoint to waypoint, the device was not securely keigled in the warm, snug home the pouch provided for her inserted appliance. Out the flaccid Prism spat , as I relaxed my elbow joint to let my arm hang down. It shot to the floor like a greased............. Oh , alright, enough double-entendre and sexual innuendo.

"SMACK" went the wake-up call as I realized I was holding the case with the open end toward the floor. I knew I had just killed my device. I prayed to no avail as I picked it up from the concrete garage floor and turned it on. Nothing. Zip . Zilch . Nada. (See Veggie Tales).

Later I discovered that there was a display, and some function, but the screen was so dark it is unusable. No other apparent damage is shown, leaving an outside observer clueless to the cause of trouble. But the damage had already been done. Or had it?

"OH, I'll just go on-line and find a screen or another Prism as a replacement."

Damn! It's so easy to get HOOKED on eBay! I had a replacement Prism within a week& a half.

This was after I went to the brink of nearly buying a NEW Dell Axim X3i, researching the heck out of that device. Just outside of what I wanted to pay.

Well, I have another Prism in my pocket. It works. I also have a 3rd Prism and a Palm Zire on the way. Plus some books, a CD and...................

Somebody sign me off and check me into a clinic, I need HELP!!!!!!!!!

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