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The story of my Dead Dell

Victim: Steve Bell
Date added: 10/28/2005


The story of my Dead Dell I always put my handheld, water bottle, etc. on top of the car as I'm putting my son in his car seat. Often I forget about those things. I lost a portable CD player at 60 mph, a bagful of McDonald's breakfasts (a sad day), a water bottle, and Dell Axim X5. Three times before I had gotten a few blocks down the road and remembered it on top of the car (shows why I need a second brain). But this time I forgot to take my meds, was in a hurry, baby was yelling, whatever. There was a thud from the top of the car and I knew what it was. I stopped the car, ran back, waved traffic away from my device, picked it up and it wasn't pretty. The screen was toast, a 256 MB card and the stylus were gone (I found the card, still worked) and the shi-shi leather case didn't do jack to protect the thing.

I had never been satisfied with my Axim. I called everyone at Dell it seemed, trying to procure a replacement screen. It turned out the device still worked but without a screen it was useless. Dell doesn't know what a touch screen is (kid you not), let alone sell them. It was my first Pocket PC, after two Palms-thought I'd "upgrade" and get tons more functionality. What a snipe hunt. Now I'm back to Palm and haven't looked back at Dell and Pocket PC crap.

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