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Windows Mobile 2003 Drowning

Victim: Shalom Outmezguine
Date added: 10/28/2005


Windows Mobile 2003 Drowning I know this isn't a Palm OS device but as a long time Palm OS user I wanted my trusty MPx200 buried with his handheld cousins. Since the day I found her in the ATT Wireless Kiosk I was inlove with her sexy black curves, her professional look.

Just like any relationship there were problems such as her inability to get signal in most places, She wouldn't stay charged for more than 18 hours and lastly her OS is suposedly going to be discontinued after the current generation. She lasted me until last night when I left her in my car with the window cracked. It rained over night and when i got to her she had been sitting in a 2" deep puddle all night. Hopefully my franksteninan efforts can bring her back to me. If not I wish to bid her farewell

Shalom Outmezguine
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