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It came back from the dead

Victim: Cy
Date added: 10/29/2005


It came back from the dead She died quietly in her sleep... I was already formulating the obituary in my head as I scanned the Palm Graveyard. I had happened upon this place as a result of googling "dead palm one" in my quest for some last ditch effort to bring my trusty Zire m150 back to life... at least long enough to pick her brain and find out where I filed those winning sports book tickets from my trip to Lake Tahoe that are surely about to expire. I suppose it would have been more respectful to simply lay her to rest as-is. She did not wake up Friday morning and lay lifeless as I numbly tried first a soft, then the dreaded hard reset. I had faithfully charged her every night. I quickly checked the outlet to make sure it had power and I had not slowly starved her to death. Everything was in order with the charger. I pleaded "you can't go now, we haven't hot-synched since... oh, it's been too long to remember...

It was not as charismatic a way to go as say, "Death by dog bowl", but still peaceful and serene as Palm deaths go. Nonetheless, with a slim chance that my over/under winnings at Harrah's had still not expired, I could not allow her to either without putting up a fight. I was hoping to find step-by-step instructions from some geek who had found a way to hot-wire the Zire's non-consumer-replaceable battery to a 240-volt clothes-dryer outlet to zap her back to life (hopefully without vaporizing the rest of her components). No such luck. All I found were tales of woe. I was willing to do anything short of spending money to bring her back so I could plug in and have just one last hot-synch with her. Wait - maybe I could... no, that is really sicko, the idea of hot-synching a dead, or at least comatose PDA. But I was desperate, and who would know? I quickly scooped her up, cradled her in front of my laptop and whipped out my USB connector. "She would have wanted it this way, just do it" I told myself and closed my eyes... nothing-at-all. "You sick, sick loser" I chided my limp cord but without skipping a beat I found myself contemplating poking her in the rear. This is not something we did regularly and I really could go without it. Still, I had on occasion surprised her and brought her out of a deep sleep with this maneuver, and she had always responded, seemingly none the worse for the wear. So why not, I couldn't sink much lower... ever so carefully I tried pushing softly... She's ALIVE!!! She beamed a spinning "synchronizing" signal and it was over almost before I knew what had happened. Amazingly she text messaged me the status of duplicate notes regarding the very tickets in question and said we would need to toss one and do another hot-synch. Well alrighty then... The best part is she doesn't even remember anything about this sordid ordeal and is doing fine like nothing happened.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones...

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