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Hotsync with a Broken Screen

Victim: sorceror171
Date added: 3/15/2007 9:01:17 PM


Hotsync with a Broken Screen A couple days ago a guy on Usenet was saying he had a Tungsten E with a dead screen; since it just uses a mini-USB connector, there was no way to start a HotSync and rescue the data stuck on it.

So I coded up a tiny utility that you can put on a memory card as /Palm/start.prc; when you insert the card, it'll trigger a HotSync.

So, if the Palm has a memory card interface and a dead screen *and* you can't initiate a HoySync any other way, this little program might come in handy.

I call it Seance. ( :-> ) It's free, under the GPL, and available here:

Just thought it might be worth mentioning in the Graveyard since people with dead screens would tend to find your site, and there's a dim chance maybe one person a year would find it useful.

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