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Walked into a desk

Victim: Jonathan Allen
Date added: 9/21/1999


I'm a high school senior and had been wanting a palm for a VERY long time. I saved up all summer to buy one, and when school statrted, I did. Boy was it awesome. I took it with me everywhere, it did everything with me. I used it more than I talked to most of my friends. I had found a great buy off the inernet for it, and even got the slim leather case to go allong with it. Well, one day at lunch I decided I wanted to go get a drink. So, I was walking down the isle and I walked straight into the corner of the desk. COMPLETLY shattered my screen. I mean NOTHING would work. I could turn it on and see that all my data was still there, but no ammount of tapping or for that matter even hitting the screen would make it recognize I had touched it. I Had to send in for the replacement palm, and bought a Titanium Case (the TiSlider by Rhinoskin) just to make sure that never happens again...

Jonathan Allen

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