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Unknown Rattling Symptomatic

Victim: Mark Trozzi
Date added: 3/16/2007


Unknown Rattling Symptomatic Unknown rattling sounds may be symptomatic of bigger problems, that and if the screen doesn't work right!

So, as the story goes, I acquired a used Palm IIIe for free from a friend whom said he "never knew why it stopped working." When I put in batteries and turned it on it only showed a filled screen with every pixel on/black, as well it made a very quiet whining sound, similar to my Tungsten|E actually. It also had a rattling sound, which meant something was loose inside the hand-held.

So, I diligently took it apart, quite easily actually, with only 4 screws and a wide flat head to pry it open. Once open I carefully examined it and discovered that the insides appeared in perfect condition except for one thing. What I believe is the culprit of the problem is the small object on the main-board I highlighted in my pictures that appears to have it's top edge partially chipped apart. I discovered these small chips were what was rattling around on the inside. AHA! There is also an identical part like this about 3/4 inch nearer the battery slots and it's not damaged as far as I can tell.

I think these are voltage transformer's of some type, based on my rudimentary knowledge of electronics parts, and if the broken one is not properly changing the power level it's supposed to then that may be why the Palm doesn't work right. I think that the problem is only with the screen functioning properly, and I believe that it is working fine otherwise since it makes a proper "tap" sound when I tap the screen indicating that the digitizer works, I think...

I have highlighted the areas of interest with a red box.

It seems to be in near-perfect condition other than this problem. But at this stage of the game, it's mostly useless except for parts....A shame....anyone want it?

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