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Victim: Jesse Kirkpatrick
Date added: 12/23/1999


This happened to me about 2 years back, but I'm posting it after reading through some of the horror stories on your site. I had received a brand new PalmIII. I opened the box MacPac! The Palm worked just fine, but I had to call the catalog and yell at them. They sent it, and I plugged the Palm into the cradle. Nothing happened. Apparently the unit shorted afte being put in the cradle. I sent it back and waited 2 weeks for another one. I turned it on, put in my name and info and hit ok. A pause,then a long error message appeared, something about memory. I sent the damned thing back again, asking for an exchange, and got a DaVinci about 2 months ago. It worked, except it didn't sync with Virtual PC 2.0. That was okay, however, as I only used it lightly for school. About 6 weeks after getting it, I opened the PalmSuit neoprene case to put in my assignment for the night. A giant diagonal crack ran across the screen. I stared in shock. A DaVinci that had withstood 6 weeks of heavy abuse, being thrown into a backpack, dropped on floors, etc. had it succumbed to something unknown? Sighing, I threw it out, along with the PalmSuit case, and ordered a VisorDeluxe with a ShockSuit from Rhinoskin. I'm still waiting for it, and maybe if it survives my buddies will stop calling me the "PDA destroyer".

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