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Watch cases with metal parts

Victim: Jeff The Riffer
Date added: 12/27/1999


I don't have a picture of it unfortunately, but my Palm III had it's screen crushed in a tragic way... I had it in a 3Com brand clip-on leather carrying case. While at work one morning I took it out to put some information in and was shocked to see the screen looked like it had been hit by a hammer! :(

It turned out that I had inserted my Palm in the case facing the wrong way. The back of the metal snap which attached the clip was able to push against the screen. Probably when getting in/out of the car that morning, enough force was applied to smash it.

Let this be a lesson to anyone using a PDA carrying case. Make sure there's no hard metal parts that can press against the screen, and if there is ALWAYS be sure to put your beloved little friend in the correct way!

--Jeff Mercer

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