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Don't belt clip on the right side!

Victim: Joel Wasinger
Date added: 1/4/2000


Perhaps this will help someone else; probably this story has already been told and, like me, the next victim will find out only when it is too late.

I've had my Palm III for four of the most organized and geek-happy months of my life. A month or so ago, after extensive research, I got a belt clip because that seemed to be the best way to keep the little bugger handy. Today I made the fateful and fatal mistake of moving the clip from the left side of my belt (where the buckle is) to the right. I soon found out that when the Palm III is on the right side, it is prone to slip off (when one unbuckles ones belt) force the belt out of the front loop and slide unhindered off of the end of the belt and to the floor. Thus it did and the whole thing hit the floor. It didn't seem like a hard concussion and it was protected somewhat by the leather case. Indeed, it looks like it still works except now the broken glass makes it worthless because the pressure pad is confused.

It seems like I should be able to dismantle it and replace the glass. Does anyone know if this can be done and where one might find the parts? $100 seems a little steep . . .

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