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Guns and Palm do go together

Victim: Noam Sheffer
Date added: 1/20/2000


Guns and Palm do go together :IM an officer in the Israeli Air force and because of that must go with a hand gun (Side arm). I was using a pouch that had a back pocket to the gun and three other to the rest of my staff. My palm was in one of them.

As you may guessed all ready. One day I was walking and the pouch fell on the floor. Usually that is not a disaster but this time it fell facing down so the gun hit all the staff, every thing survived BUT the Palm was dead, and this is a week before I had to fly. ALL my trip info was there. luckily the palm still did HotSync so I backup all the info and printed it (Yes going back to paper). $100 to 3com solve the problem and made a small hole in my back account.

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