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WOW! The PalmPilot is durable!

Victim: Brian Findlay
Date added: 3/25/1999


Ok, so I have looked at the Windows CE boxes in the malls. Felt a little pang of jealousy there - the inferface seemed kinda cool, and 16M of RAM was WAY cool. However, my palmpilot went missing on Thursday. On Saturday, I get a call from a farmer out of town, says he found it on the road that morning. It had been raining hard for the past two days, and when I retrieved it, the pilot was covered in mud and sludge. Gee, it didn't work. On reflection, I had left it on the roof of my car, and driven out of town. The pilot must have fell off, and by a miracle, tumbled out of the way of traffic. It had some road rash on the bottom of the case, but that was it. So, I took it apart - fairly easy to do - completely dissasembled, and the inside was full of mud! Wiped all the circuitry down with anti-static cloths, and scubbed the plastic and keys with a toothbrush. Waited for it to dry, and re-assembled it. Batteries in, and --- IT WORKED!!!! Amazing, fantastic. ALL is forgiven, I will never look at a WIN CE box again!

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