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Ibby-Jibbys take over..

Victim: Samuel F. Gutierrez
Date added: 1/26/2000


Ibby-Jibbys take over.. I had just gotten off a sixteen hour shift from the Oahu Community Correctional Center, (Honolulu, Hawaii). I decided to go to the Cafe' and have a few shots of espresso. I had two cups of Tai Latte. with 4 shot of espresso each cup.

I was savoring my second cup of Tai Latte, and I decided to make a entry into my Palm IIIx. As I was reaching down to pick up my Palm IIIx, I noticed that my hand was trembling. I quickly brought my hand back to my body and put it in my jacket pocket. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed my trembling hand.

I think that I was more embarrassed at people around me thinking I was some sorta caffeine junky, hanging around Cafe's late at nights, drinking till you get tunnel vision, ibby-jibbys and muscle spasms. When in reality the combination of caffeine and lack of sleep accelerate the ibby-jibbys. Whatever the case I needed to get out of the Cafe'

I slowly reached my hand down, to pick up my Palm IIIx. Everything was fine until I picked up my Palm IIIx. My hand started trembling again, and I could not really feel my Palm IIIx in my hand. It was like my hand was sorta under control by some unknown means. I tried to re adjust my Palm IIIx in my hand, but my hand did not want to. That is when it slipped, and fell to the ground.

Slowly, I saw my Palm IIIx fall. It seemed like an eternity. I still have that vivid image in my head. It fell and make a gut wrenching "cracking" sound like glass breaking. I retrieved it and opened the cover. Sure enough, My touch screen was shattered.
You know I only had my Palm IIIx for one week!! This incident royally sucks!!! I called 3com this morning and it will cost me $100.00 to fix my Palm IIIx. I told 3com to fix it. Now, I have to wait 1-3 days for the repair kit, to send my unit back to 3 com, and it will take two weeks to get it back. I was told that screen breakage is not covered with the 90 day warranty.

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