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Do *NOT* follow that stupid rabbit!

Victim: Brett Profitt
Date added: 3/7/2000


Do *NOT* follow that stupid rabbit! Alice in Wonderland is a bad, *bad* musical. I'm a senior in high school and our musical is Follow That Rabbit, which is really Alice in Wonderland. Let me tell ya, do *NOT* follow that stupid rabbit!!!!
We were at play practice and I changed from my pants into my shorts. I threw my pants into a corner and snuggly placed my wallet, keys, and Palm IIIe inside the pockets. During a 15 minute break, I wondered into the back to get my keys so i could grab Ski or Tradewinds or something, my horror my palm was missing. After I asked around, it seems that someone was "playing" with it. So i set off to find this someone and he showed me my poor palm in little peices. He jumped on it. Stepped on it. Followed that STUPID rabbit right onto my palm! As you can see, it still works, but it likes fatal errors. Also, my stylus was broken...why can't they make the cases like TI-86 calc cases? You could run a train over those..

Brett Profitt
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