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Psychedelic displays and Fatal Exceptions

Victim: David Siederer
Date added: 3/17/2000


This, I thought was interesting.
Although it was not a conventional "accident", I (and the 3Com Tech people) thought that this was an interesting story. I was reading an eBook in iSilo on my (then) trusty Palm IIIe, when, out of the blue, the screen glitched out--I'm talking random pixels. Anyway, I thought that this was merely a crash, so I reset it and pocketed it. About 5 minutes later, I wanted to read some more, so I flipped 'er open. Same weird pixel display! I thought I hadn't reset it after all, so I reset it and shut it off. After that, I headed back in the car. It was dark, and, since I wasn't driving, I might as well catch up on my reading. I held down the button for backlighting but nothing comes up. A passing streetlight illuminated the screen: still glitched! I had HotSynced earlier that day, luckily, so no big data losses could occur. I then proceeded to hard reset the device. It worked for about 15 minutes before returning to its disabled state. This was freaking me out. I left the batteries out overnight. The next day? Even worse! Psychedelic displays, Fatal Exceptions (There's got to be a better name for that...), freezes, little flashing pixels, and the same old glitch. I called Palm Inc., and, since it was less than a year after my purchase, they sent me a refurb for free, along with many "How the hell did that happen's. I'm sure it'll be better the second time around...

Finally reading again,

David Siederer
CEO DeltaSigma Enterprises, Limited

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