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Victim: matika
Date added: 4/5/2000


I got two crashed Palms, here's my story:
1. Just bought a new Palm IIIx, and showed off in front of my friend who work in a computer game shop. A kid ran over, didnít notice what I was holding. My IIIx dropped and slipped on the floor for 4 feets. Of course the LCD screen is broken. I called that kid who just didn't know what he had done. I asked him to call his parent to discuss about this mess. Finally, I got NT:4000(about USD:134),for my broken palm. And its body flew to Singapore and come back in 3 days. Of course its soul existed all the time in my PC.

2. Just sold my IIIx and bought a new Vx. Then I got a chance to go abroad to visit my friends. I showed off my Vx in front of them, again. Then something terrible happened. After I left the pub and got into a cab on my way back. Something crashed when I slammed the door of the cab.

I forgot that I left my Vx in the pocket of my jacket. This time, not only the glass of LCD screen is smashed. Something like ink also came out. And the original hardcase and aluminum alloy appearance looked like a heavy punch from Tyson .When I explained to the guy on the phone in Singapore when I got back to Taiwan, he recognized my voice, my name and say: here you are again. So I said, my broken Vx is on the way. Just send me a refurbished one A.S.A.P. Don't bother telling me the repair procedure.

After that. I always looked around when I took my Palm out on the street. To see if there is someone running to me. I always remember to notice where my Palm is before I sit down or get into the car. Then I won't have the chance to sit on my Palm or make it as a sandwich when slamming the door.

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