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Domestic Chores + Pergo Floors = Death

Victim: Paul Brown
Date added: 4/28/2000


While leaning over to load our dishwasher after a fine family dinner, my trusty (and 4-week old) Palm IIIx, which had been resting happily in my shirt pocket, peeked a bit too far over the edge of the pocket. The sad result-it escaped from my pocket and plummeted to an untimely death on our Pergo floor. After bouncing several times (and losing its cover, to add to an already embarrassing situation), it came to rest on the floor face down.

After outlining its small form in chalk, I picked it up and saw the crack at the bottom right of the screen. After an hour of denial ("I can still use this! I just have to pretend the screen and Graffiti pad are a skewed and slightly twisted parallelogram!!!") I realized I had to say goodbye. When my advance replacement came (in 2 days - Bravo) I resignedly transferred and bid a fond farewell to Palm #1.

Paul Brown
January 30th, 2000

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