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Maybe I killed the little guy

Victim: Kaveer
Date added: 5/4/2000


IIIc (March 3, 2000 - May 2, 2000)

My beloved IIIc. Its birthday was March 3, 2000. I bought it from the U.S. and brought it to my home in Thailand. That's when I held it for the first time. We've never been apart.

Two days ago, it happened. I was using a cotton ball, dropped water on the ball and wiped the housing clean. Then came my mistake, as I was cleaning the screen, I laughed with my friends at work (whose Palms are still alive, and very well). While I was laughing, my hand pushed the screen downward, causing the screen to be slightly tilted. The water rushed inside the Palm. The water rested right in the middle of the screen, in a circular form, a bit larger than a 25 cents American quarter.

No it ain't dead yet. I can still push the four buttons below; what's dead is the touch screen. It won't recognize any contacts... but things are still showing on the screen, but you just can't tap on the screen to execute anything..

Well, I'll take it to the hospital soon... and let you all know if there will be a trip to the graveyard.

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