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Ended in the toilet bowl

Victim: Sharp A520
Date added: 7/3/2000


Just after finding your site a few days ago, I read through some of the stories and said to myself .... My God ! I would never let something like that happen to my little baby (2 week old TRGpro)

Well, yesterday, I was in a toilet and juggling with my file, handphone and wallet when the worst happened ... after carefully balancing everything on my file and turning around to unzip my pants, I knocked the file and everything went airborne ... the only thing that ended in the toilet bowl was the palm and everything else went on the floor : p .. Instant retrieval proved no help, it worked briefly but from the water droplets under the screen, i could tell my baby was in serious trouble ... sure enough, 30 minutes later, it went into coma.

I have since sent it in to the shop and am told the prognosis will take a week .... *sigh* ... i don't care how much it costs, i just hope they can revive it ......

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