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Learning to Fly

Victim: Timothy Lutero
Date added: 7/3/2000


Time of death: May 13, 2000 @ 11:30AM

It was the morning after my best friend's wedding, and we were leaving the hotel and putting stuff in our car. Since my hands were full, I set my Palm on top of the roof. I paused for a second, thinking to myself, "You'd better not leave that up there."

We had made it more than a mile down the road and onto the highway on-ramp going 35 miles per hour before my beloved Palm leapt from the roof. I saw it in the rear view mirror as it tumbled end over end on the asphalt. You could have shoveled gravel into my mouth, it was open so wide in ghastly astonishment.

As soon as my wife stopped the car, I ran up the on-ramp in desperate hopes that no cars would come down the ramp to pulverize my little buddy. Luckily, I reached it before any monster trucks could get to it. By some act of a supreme being, the unit still turned on and maintained memory (probably thanks in large part to my leather case from Franklin Covey).

Unfortunately, the most tragic part of this story was having to look at my touchscreen-comatose unit for 12 (yes, *twelve*) days before I received my advance exchange from Palm. Not very advanced, if you ask me.

Timothy Lutero

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