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Winter Wonder where the hell your pilot went?

Victim: Will Dobbins
Date added: 2/25/1999


I lost my pilot (PalmPro) and was totally out of my wits being my entire life (Schedule, contacts, etc) was in the little beast. Well, apparently what had happened is it fell out of my jacket pocket when I got home one day, I've dropped it before to no loss, I find the original case was quite protective from light impacts... but this time was different! I didn't notice it this time, most likely because there was 4-6" of fresh snow and that tends to dampen any noise (and the fall). Well, my pilot was found two days later, frozen quite solidly into the driveway! After getting it removed from the icepack and dried out (Several hours at room temp did the trick, since most the moisture was in solid form it brushed off nicely) I fired it up.... Unfortunatly LCD's don't weather well, and it had developed some "Bleading" spots, spots that were black, for ever. So even with the bad screen it was still useable, but apparently the power management was shot from the freeze as well, something about it eating a set of AAA's in a week instead of the normal month I'd get from them!

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