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It went airborn

Victim: Alexander Schrab
Date added: 8/17/2000


Hi, many have stories to tell about the durability of palmpilots. And it's true. Here is my story...

I go to this school in Sweeden, the building is very old and most of the school has stone floor. Not the best kind of landing ground for electronics. It has taken lifes, it cracked the very soul of my TI-82, the screen. Had to get a new one for 200 dollars or so. But my palm, who I put on the lockers (about 2.5 meters up in the air) on some books and stuff while I browsed through my locker decided it wanted to take a try and wen't airborn. It ereased my memory from it's excistant and I just took down the book from the locker not considering it was placed upon them. The case almost cracked (the palmpilot case can crack without brake... Hard to explain. It's kinda snapped in one end) but it survived, after I cracked the case back together and reattached the memory board it worked... Gladly I returned to my class.

Alexander Schrab, Írebro, Sweden

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