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Survivor of a 50mph crash

Victim: Craig Schoenthaler
Date added: 10/1/2000


I've been a palm addict for years. I've owned a Palm III, on to an IIIx which served me well for years! I know where it is 24-7. I work in a busy auto shop. I had gone to another shop to pick up a shinny new black camero for tires. I brought it back to our shop, laid my IIIx on the roof of the car to write down some info about the car. Phone rings, a customer asked a couple questions........

Later that afternoon we were taking the car back, my IIIx fly's off the roof onto the hiway!!! My wife sees something...(50mph at the time) pulls over and its my palm!! A soft reset and I'm off and running! I think lots of luck & The "slipper case" is what saved it.
I now run a IIIc and of course it wears a slipper case.
Craig Schoenthaler
Palm addict

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