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A perfect 10 Greg Louganis belly flop

Victim: Lawrence Soto
Date added: 10/16/2000


A perfect 10 Greg Louganis belly flop Rushing out of the factory to hit the bathroom for a much needed (and over due) lower intestinal evacuation, I placed this little darling on the stainless steel toilet dispenser like I have so many times before. As I was unzipping preparing to do the deed I heard the sliding of plastic against stainless and a perfect 10 Greg Louganis belly flop from about 4 feet into the cold hard ceramic tile of the bathroom floor.

Needless to say the OEM protective hard cover did nothing to blunt the damage to the IIIe's very fragile digitizer. Luckily the LCD survived so I get to only shell out $45 for a new digitizer.

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