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My Palm Took A Bullet For Me!

Victim: Steve Lynch
Date added: 10/24/2000


My Palm Took A Bullet For Me! I began my love affair with my palm almost 1 year ago is the story of how we were torn apart.

I was in a particularly horrible mood the other day, so I decided to take my Mossberg shotgun to the local indoor shooting range to let off some steam. Anyhow, on the third shot, My gun barrell exploded, the shrapnel nearly ripping my middle and ring fingers off, and striking me in the chest. Due to the trauma of severe digital lacerations, and rapid blood loss, I eventually passed out in the middle of the gun shop bathroom, paramedics looking on helplessly as I hit the floor too fast for them to catch me. Upon impact, I felt a sickening crunch. When I came to, they asked me to tell them who to call, and what their phone number was. I was in shock, and honestly couldn't remember phone numbers. I told the paramedic to take my Palm IIIc out of my rear pocket to get the necessary numbers. Upon turning it on, we were greeted by a screen full of colored lines, and black globs. Apparently my loyal palm tried to take the brunt of the fall for me. The palm was in worse shape than I was. I was pissed. Not only did I blow my hand up, but My$450.00 palm IIIc was dead also?

Palm to Palm CPR

My bad day Just got worse. After a few stickes, an antibiotic shot in the ass, and an I.V. bag or two, I was good as new. But my palm IIIc did not fare as well. (See Pictures) Palm was nice enough to overnight me a new Palm for free, and I performed the oh so complicated Palm Brain Transplant. The new Palm pulled through, and is I'm happy to say in good health. The old palm... Well, let's just say I'm sure he's standing before the silicon gates as we speak.. God rest his chips. But he was an organ donor, so If you get a replacement Palm IIIc, treat it well, for it may be my old friend.

BrainDead Palm IIIc

-Steve Lynch

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