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Cockroach killed my palm!

Victim: Leonardo Carvalho
Date added: 11/7/2000


Cockroach killed my palm! I was visiting some relatives in the country, and decided to put my Palm in a "safe" place. So I stored it in the closet. But then grandma saw a cockroach in the closet and decided to throw everything on the ground so that she could kill the bug. It's a very distinct sound, that of a Palm IIIx going face down on a ceramic floor. Grandma didn't know exactly what she'd done, so I decided no to tell her how much that costed.

Quoting a friend: "Hey, at least the picture is great! Nice depth of field!". That made my day...

I guess only the digitizer is broken. Problem is that in Brasil, those cute palms cost like twice as much as you pay in the US. And the replace parts even more!

If anyone wants to take a lesson from that, here it goes... Always carry your Palm with you! Tape it in your arm, preferably!

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