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My Palm just ran out of lives

Victim: Peter Tan
Date added: 12/19/2000


My Palm just ran out of lives I commit my Palm 3e to the memory of your Graveyard...may he rest in peace... :(

Like many other people, I bought a Palm 3e as a gadget...but soon it became an integral part of my life, remembering everything for me so that I don't have to remember them in my head. Anyway, today, as I was bending over to pick up a dropped pen, my Palm slipped out from my shirt pocket (where I usually keep it) and hit the thick carpeted floor of my office. "No problem" I thought. I have dropped it before, from even greater heights, and it has always escaped unscathed.

I guess even cats only have 9 lives, and my Palm just ran out of lives. When I picked it up, and flipped over the cover, I saw a small tiny crack in the bottom right side of my screen. I guess my WriteRight must have kept the screen from totally shattering. Dang, and I had just changed to a new WriteRight 2 nights ago! Geesh! My heart sank. I tried to tap on the screen.. well it still works, kind of. I have to "aim off" a little bit, and even running the digitizer cannot fix the problem.

Well at least my Palm 3e gave me a year and 4 months of faithful service. I'm off to buy a new 3xe or perhaps a Visor Platinum.. I'll see how it goes tonight at the computer mart.

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