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Landed on my back(pack), palm first

Victim: Scott F. Crosby
Date added: 2/2/2001


My palm died a quick and painless death, but I like to think that it contributed in a small way to the saving of my life!

I live in the city, but often use a bicycle for transportation and exercise. Back in August I was on one such trip, with a backpack loaded with gear on my back. Unfortunately, one of these pieces of gear was my Palm IIIx. It was, in fact, on the outside of the backpack, in the pocket furthest from my body.

So I was cruising along, minding my own business, when a DAMN BUS clipped me from behind. I went flying, flipped over, and landed on my back(pack), palm first. I hit my head and was knocked out.

When I came to in the hospital and everything was explained, I asked for my backpack so I could get my palm out to make a phone call. When I saw the scuff marks on the back of the bag I knew it was over. The palm was crushed. The plastic was cracked, the screen was reduced to powder, and the stylus was bent. Oddly, everything save the screen worked fine. I was able to sync it before replacing it.

Scott F. Crosby
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