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The gods were not smiling on me

Victim: Gus Simpson
Date added: 2/10/2001


The gods were not smiling on me Unlike the last tomb entry mine was quick and painful. I had been walking home from a days work in the City, London. I had taken the last 3 days off because of serious backpain. The gods were not smiling on me. I should have known.

Halfway home I hear police sirens in the far distance obviously speeding down the main road. Seconds after I hear a car speeding down the road I am walking along. This road is actually goes round in a circle a finishes where it starts. Therefore if you are being chased you do not want to come down this road. The cops will block the entrance and you're buggered. I am minding my own business my palm 3x with TRG xtra xtra board is quite happy in my chino front trouser pocket. It could not have felt safer. Anyway there is a one way that you can escape this dead end. There is a cobbled walk way that leads into another road, wide enough for a car. Hoever, there is a piller in the middle of the walkway to stop cars. I am on the cobbled walkway. This speeding f*ck with lights off (it's night) decides to go the cobble road way. I see this black car coming fast up my rear, it's dark and the cars lights are off. I spin round see the car and just run. Or at least I tried to. Note, I was just past the piller that is in the middle of the walk way. I sliped and hit the dirt landing squarely on my palm. I was more concerned with the black car running straight over if the driver fancied his chances against the steel piller. Thankfully he didnt or I would not be writing this email. It happen 30 mins ago. clearly shaken I did discover my palm's death until I got safely home. That's the 2nd palm I've lost. I discovered this graveyard site when I did a web search for palm repairs. That cheered me up a bit. I am not alone. However, to cap it my back hurts now and I have to buy a new palm tomorrow.


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