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RIP after 1 day

Victim: OverAchieve
Date added: 2/12/2001


RIP after 1 day Shortly after the Palm IIIx came out, I rushed out to get one. I had tried CE devices and even a Rex (please...what a joke) but knew that the Palm OS was the way to go. The evening of the same day I had purchased it I was casually browsing its' features in my executive suite (the john). I arose from my throne, clutching my Palm like my 2 year old does his Halloween candy when, as I went to put it in my pants pocket, the unimaginable happened. It slipped from my clenched grip like a banana from its' peel, and after somersaulting several times, landed SPLAT, face down on the bathroom tile floor. My jaw went slack in disbelief. I picked it up slowly and... (see pic). I've since nicknamed my bathroom floor "Zoro".

Oh well. After a Palm V and a Visor Solo from work, I am happily the proud owner of a Palm IIIC. Color is the only way to go!

Sincerely and regrettably,

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