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Flushed at 30,000 feet

Victim: Nick Trevethan
Date added: 2/13/2001


Flushed at 30,000 feet Mark well this tale of woe and the loss of my dear Visor. I have owned palmed based product since the first Palm Pilot Professional. My latest baby was a Visor Prism and recently I got married. I live in the UK and my wife is Canadian so I flew out to Vancouver for the nuptials. I should also add I decided to wear my wedding out fit (a kilt and jacket) on the flight just in case British Airways managed to lose the clothes and leave me to get married in a pair of jeans.

Mid way through the flight I pulled my Visor out of my sporran and plugged in some head phones to listen to some music on my minijam. Tucking my visor back into my jacket I relaxed and eventually I dozed off.

Some time later I woke and went to use the wash room. I used the facilities and bent to the flush button. I heard a clank looked down and saw the metal flap sealing the toilet from the effluent tank spring shut. I looked further and saw the plug for my headphones dangling forlornly past the hem of my jacket.

I was half tempted to go and try and fish for the thing through the hole but.. well didn't fancy what was going to be in the tanks.

The next thing I had to do was to return to my seat and explain to the flight attendant what happened. I could see her trying not to giggle and she said she would come back with a report. Then along came the senior attendant to hear the story from the weird guy in the kilt. He went off with a smile on his face too.

Anyway just to add insult to injury he summoned the flight engineer who filled out the report and said he'd see if they could filter it out at Vancouver.

Needless to say the result were fruitless, but the wedding went well and the thing is insured. Of course claiming it will involve yet more embarrassment.

I don't have a picture of the Visor, but imagine it covered in brown sticky stuff, but here is a picture from the wedding....

Nick Trevethan

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