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A Visor's double death!

Victim: Nick Carlson
Date added: 4/11/2001


I was doing research for a paper for English Lit class in the school's library. I was using my Visor to record the Dewey decimal system numbers of the books, since I didn't have my library card with me that day, and needed them to take notes from. Well, as it happens, as I juggled books, a Visor, and tried to maneouver around some eighth-graders, the Visor took a sharp dive out of my hand. I swiped at it, trying to get it before it hit the floor, but I only smacked it away, and it hit the floor on its edge, then slid away.

I picked it up: there was a hairline crack on the Graffiti area. I sank a bit, but the screen still worked marginally well. I couldn't write, but I had the FITALY Hack installed, so I finished typing (with a bit of blind poking). Good, I though, at least I can save up for a new screen (USD$80!) and still have a decent Visor. And my expensive 16 MB Flash module was spared completely. I put the books on a cart, and walked home.

The next day, as I was getting ready for school, I was putting my Visor in my pants pocket when my stepsister shoved past me impatiently. She knocked my arm away, and the PDA that was in the hand that was attached to said limb. It smashed against a door with a loud cracking noise, and fell about four feet onto the wood floor. I picked it up, and the screen was totaled, along with the case being broken in a few places.

After screaming and waving frantic arms around, she, my stepdad and I arranged a compromise: he'd send for a replacement for the $80, she'd pay $60, and I'd pay $20, since it was already a little broken. But, you've got to agree, it handled deceleration trauma all right the first time. Too bad it wasn't too sturdy the second.

I'm buying a padded case for the replacement. &tl;G>

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