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It eventually killed itself!

Victim: Chris Johnson
Date added: 4/12/2001


My first Palm product was a IIIxe, and to this day, it has survived drops that I was certain would kill it. My next PDA was a Palm VII, which I got at a super deal ($200.00 brand new!) However, its life was a troubled one compared to my IIIxe. The buttons did not have the sensitivity of my IIIxe, and the screen's contrast always seemed to suffer. However, its first sign of trouble was the crash 3 hours after it came out of the box.

Then it worked on a decent basis, yet still below the reliability of its sibling, the IIIxe. Soon, I guess it's failure to be as reliable as my IIIxe got the VII too depressed, and while syncing with my computer, it froze up, and no reset could undo it. Nonetheless, the 3 weeks while it worked were bliss! And I'm in the process of getting a replacement, that will hopefully learn not to kill itself!

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