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1 3/5/2009 Barnes & Noble Acquires Fictionwise
Barnes & Noble has announced that it has acquired Fictionwise for $15.7 million in cash. Fictionwise, is a leading e-book retailer and is known to many around here as the owners of the eReader…
2 9/7/2008 Mobile Version of eReader Store Now Online
Long-time e-book seller eReader has finally made a mobile browser-optimized version of their online store for wireless users, including full support for Palm OS devices. Launched last week, the beta…
3 2/18/2008 eReader Pro Now Available for Free
Fictionwise, the new owners of, have made the eReader Pro versions of its ebook software available for free. The enhanced Palm OS and Windows Mobile Pro application formerly sold for…
4 1/14/2008 eReader Pro Price Lowered
Following the recent sale of the company, eReader has reduced the price of the Palm OS Pro version of its eBook software by half to $4.95. The new registration price buys not only the Pro version of…
5 1/11/2008 eReader eBook Business Sold to Fictionwise
Fictionwise has announced that it has acquired the retail electronic book business unit from Motricity. is one of the largest and longest-running eBook retailers on the…
6 10/5/2006 E-Reader and E-Reader Pro for Palm OS Updated
As of October 4th, E-Reader has quietly updated their E-Reader and E-Reader Pro clients for Palm OS devices. Both versions are now at version 2.6.3, up from the previous 2.6.1 release. As it is a…
7 10/8/2003 10% Off Software and E-Books at PalmGear
PalmGear has extended a 10% discount offer on all Palm OS sftware and e-books to members of the PalmInfocenter community. Read on to get your discount code.
8 9/3/2003 PalmGear Acquires Palm Digital Media In Deal With PalmSource
PalmGear and PalmSource today announced a strategic alliance designed to bolster the success of the Palm Economy. As part of the alliance, PalmGear acquired PalmSource's subsidiary Palm Digital Media,…
9 12/5/2002 Palm Reader eBooks Head for the Library
Palm Digital Media, a subsidiary of PalmSource, today announced a new version of the Palm Retail Encryption Server Software. The software provides libraries with an easy way to let patrons check out…
10 1/3/2002 PalmReader Pro Has Font Smoothing, Dictionary
Palm Digital Media has released a new version of its ebook reader, now called the PalmReader Pro. It supports sub-pixel font smoothing on color handhelds. It can also use any Palm standard bitmapped…

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