eReader Pro Price Lowered

ereader Palm OSFollowing the recent sale of the company, eReader has reduced the price of the Palm OS Pro version of its eBook software by half to $4.95. The new registration price buys not only the Pro version of the app but a basic version of Merriam Webster's Pocket Dictionary containing 40,400 entries and a few free e-books as well. The free e-books are actually public-domain titles modified and formatted in the eReader format. They are the 9/11 Commission Report, H.G. Wells' sci-fi classic The Time Machine, and an eReader bestseller catalog sampler. The price of the add-on Agfa Font Pack, unfortunately, remains unchanged at $14.95.

Despite not having seen a version update in nearly two years, I can still highly recommend the purchase of eReader Pro, especially at this price. The free eReader app is still available to download but for just a few dollars more, the Pro version bundle brings additional functionality and content. This pricing is presumably permanent (or at least until they decide to do a Palm OS version 3.0 of the app), as the eReader site says nothing about this being a limited time promotional sale.

You can read our previous review of eReader Pro here.

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