Mobile Version of eReader Store Now Online

ereader Palm OSLong-time e-book seller eReader has finally made a mobile browser-optimized version of their online store for wireless users, including full support for Palm OS devices. Launched last week, the beta mobile "" version of the site features almost the entire functionality of the full version, including the ability to input eReader's weekly discount coupon codes when making purchase. The eBooks are delivered OTA to the user's Palm OS device as an encrypted PDB file (tied to the purchasers' credit card information) and can be saved in the internal memory or to an external expansion card.

"We've just launched our new mobile website. Now you can browse, buy, install and start reading right away from your mobile device. Great for last-minute purchases before boarding that airplane. Just point your mobile browser to"

The now-free eReader Pro software is now at version 3.0 for Palm OS devices.

The latest 3.0.3 Windows Mobile version of the eReader software, also free, actually allows over-the-air (OTA) downloads from the eReader store directly to the users' device from within the app itself.

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