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1 2/29/2008 Garmin Discontinues All Remaining iQue Models
In case anyone has not had their fill of depressing Palm OS-related news this week, we have just received word that Garmin has officially discontinued their final two Palm OS-based handhelds with…
2 10/16/2007 Garmin Working on a GPS Smartphone?
The Investors Business Daily has published a speculative yet highly interesting article regarding the possibly entry of GPS specialist Garmin into the crowded mobile phone market. The mood of the…
3 5/31/2007 Garmin Releases GPS APIs on New Developer Site
In a rather unexpected turn of events, Garmin has launched a new developer site, containing a plethora of information intended to help mobile software developers "make their website, applications, and…
4 1/22/2007 Garmin Releases Palm OS Mobile XT Update
Garmin has released a major software update for Palm OS users of their GPS 10 package. This updated version of the Garmin Mobile XT Palm OS application adds compatibility for the Treo 650, 680, 700p.…
5 12/1/2006 Garmin Discontinues All But One PDA Model
When we reported on the trimming of the vast majority of Garmin's PDA GPS models earlier in November, it seemed that Garmin was going to keep alive a handful of Palm OS and Windows Mobile GPS…
6 11/13/2006 Garmin Discontinues Three iQue Models
In yet another tightening of the PDA belt, Garmin has quietly posted a notice of discontinuation on their website of two of their four Palm OS GPS-PDA hybrid handhelds. One of the company’s Windows…
7 5/10/2006 Garmin iQue 3000 Update and Video
CNet has posted a brief video mini-review of the yet unreleased Garmin iQue 3000. The Garmin iQue 3000 is a Palm OS based handheld with built in GPS and Garmin navigational software and services. Read…
8 3/10/2006 Garmin Announces Smartphone Bluetooth GPS Mount
Garmin has announced the Garmin Mobile 20, an automotive navigation system that delivers voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions using Bluetooth wireless technology on Nokia, Windows Mobile and Treo…
9 3/3/2006 Garmin iQue 3000 Slightly Delayed
When Garmin announced the new iQue 3000 gps navigational handheld in the beginning of this year they stated it would be available in February. February has now come and gone and one can still not…
10 1/3/2006 Garmin Announces New iQue 3000 GPS Handheld
Garmin today announced the iQue 3000, a newly-styled, entry-level Palm OS Powered handheld PDA that offers fully integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The iQue 3000 expands Garmin's…
11 1/3/2006 Garmin Announces Palm OS Bluetooth GPS Kit  
12 1/17/2005 Garmin Releases Palm OS Aviation GPS Handheld  
13 1/5/2005 Garmin Releases GPS Windows Mobile Handheld  
14 7/23/2004 Garmin Announces the iQue 3200 PDA with GPS  
15 2/24/2004 Garmin Releases iQue 3600 ROM Update  
16 4/17/2003 Garmin iQue 3600 Available for Pre-Order  
17 1/8/2003 Garmin Debuts iQue 3600 GPS Handheld  
18 12/17/2002 Garmin to Unveil GPS-Enabled, iQue 3600 PDA at CES  
19 11/15/2002 Garmin Selects DragonBall MXL to Power OS 5 GPS Device  

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