Garmin Releases Palm OS Mobile XT Update

Garmin has released a major software update for Palm OS users of their GPS 10 package. This updated version of the Garmin Mobile XT Palm OS application adds compatibility for the Treo 650, 680, 700p. LifeDrive, TX, and Tungsten E2. This software package is bundled with the Garmin GPS 10 and 20 packages.

The new version, listed as version 4.00.40p, most significantly adds full-screen support for large-screen devices. Also part of the offering is an improved weather searche and BT device communication, improved volume control range on Treo devices, and numerous other smaller updates and bugfixes.

Despite the cancellation of most of Garmin's iQue line, Garmin is still actively supporting the Palm OS GPS software market. In fact, this package is currently one of the few viable means of GPS navigation for owners of newer Palm OS handhelds such as the LifeDrive or Palm TX.

TomTom does not officially support any Palm devices other than Treos with its version 6 Navigator software and the Navigator 5 software is no longer being updated for new models. Another bastion of Palm OS GPS software, Mapopolis, has recently announced its plans to discontinue operations within the next year.

The update is 28.5mb in size. A link to the software download as well as a full change log, is available here.

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