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Access Co. continues its near-monthly march of updates to the Graffiti app for Android OS devices. With this morning's new build, the app is now up to version number 2.0.5. While it remains a free download from the Google Market, Access has unfortunately (though unsurprisingly given the free nature and regular updates of this program) seen fit to implement an ad in the DIA upon the initial startup of the app, as well as when the device is idle. (checkout a screenshot after the break.) While a quick tap to the Graffiti DIA removes these ads (all of the ads I've seen thus far are for other Access software products), it may be a good time to have a cheap ad-free version of the app available for purchase for true Graffiti fans.

In all fairness, Access' change log does mention the new "quick ads for the Access' NetFront Life family of products". Also, the change log describes "Updated Security" and new YouTube help videos. In my brief time testing the device I could not notice any security changes, though the app does require network access on the user's device, which does seem a bit extreme for a simple keyboard replacement app.

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richf @ 11/16/2010 6:31:23 AM # Q
Yeah, I noticed when I updated that network access was needed. I wondered why it was necessary for input but there it is. This app is wonderful. It makes me want to activate the Droid but then my guilt kicks in and I still use the Pre+.
Have a nice day!
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just tried it for the first time

Gekko @ 11/16/2010 7:25:29 AM # Q

uninstalled. why?

1. the ad is very annoying and obtrusive.
2. 5+MB is huge.
3. i like using the HTC keyboard better.
4. i don't want anything from Access on my device.
5. i prefer to make a clean cut and let go of the past.

but it's nice that this is being offered as it might help some old school Palm customers make the transition to Android.

RE: just tried it for the first time
NuShrike @ 11/17/2010 10:06:26 PM # Q
reasons for keeping it:

2. 5MB is moot in these days of 1GB storage
3. subjective
4. unjustified
5. good ideas/designs should never die. this was culmination of years of input research that recent keyboards seriously lack.
6. it's still the only way to reliably input text and move the cursor around one-handed without looking; fastest way to access alternate text (numbers, punctuation, etc) without requiring another finger for special shift modes
7. lets me write asian text
1. above reasons override the ads and not using it
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