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palm pre 2 europe Shortly after we posted yesterday's news item on the unlocked Pre 2's availability in the UK comes its appearance on the European Palm webstore for several other countries such as Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Russia. Nit-picky German Palm fans should note that the German Pre 2 is offered only in the QWERTY keyboard format, not the usual German QWERTZ format.

Another interesting tidbit as noted by PreCentral is that this occasion marks the first time any WebOS-powered device has been sold in Italy, Russia, or or the Netherlands, likely thanks in no small part to HP's deep pockets and extensive global presence.

The Pre 2 available for all of these European countries rings in at the same 499.00 Euro price tag as the UK version. With the greater part of Western Europe now Pre2-ified, at least in unlocked form, let's hope that a comparable AT&T band-compatible version makes its way across the pond in a timely fashion.

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'Shortly after' -- when?

Scud @ 11/18/2010 1:38:04 PM # Q
Still no Pre at the "Nordics, Eastern Europe and Russia" site

Also, 500 Euro (~$680) in Europe vs $450 in the US... that sucks.

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