German Palm Pre Sold SIM-Free with QWERTZ

unlocked palm pre gsm Folks hoping for a unlocked GSM Palm Pre have a few new reasons to be "Glück" today as official word has now come in that the Palm Pre will be sold in Deutschland without a contract. It has now been confirmed that the Pre will be available from O2 Germany unlocked and SIM-free.

In addition, the Teutonic flavored Palm Pre "Handy" will sport a QWERTZ keyboard. QWERTZ keyboard layouts are widely used in German speaking countries. However the Pre will not have any dedicated accented character keys or umlauts, as It only differs from the usual QWERTY by interchanging the "Z" and "Y" letters.

René Schuster, CEO of Telefónica O2 Germany: "We operate one of the most modern mobile telecommunications networks in Europe and offer our customers a simple and transparent tariff structure. In combination with Palm Pre our customers experience top-class mobile communications. With Palm Pre the mobile internet becomes the easiest thing in the world."

german qwertz palm pre"There's a lot of excitement about Palm Pre in Europe as we continue to expand Palm webOS products across new carriers and countries," said Jon Rubinstein, chairman and chief executive officer, Palm, Inc. "We look forward to launching Palm Pre with O2 so users in Germany can see firsthand how Palm webOS offers a new and better smartphone experience."

Pricing and Contract Options
O2 will offers a choice of contract for the Palm Pre in Germany. Users who want to access the web are recommended to add the mobile surf flat rate of € 10 a month. Customers can thus surf the mobile web up to a volume of 200 MB at a speed of up to 7.2 MBit/s (HSDPA). Subsequently, it is reduced to ISDN level. With the new concept O2 My Handy customers can finance Palm Pre independent of the contract at zero percent interest rate. Customers make a down payment of € 1 in the O2 shop or online at and pay the remaining sum in 24 monthly rates of € 20 each. Palm Pre is available in O2 shops, online at and from all specialized trade partners of O2.

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Eine brick?

vetdoctor @ 9/24/2009 10:22:18 AM # Q
So what happens if you want to buy one and use it as a mp3 player or camera between cell phone accounts. I'm sure it will work.
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So close yet so far, QWERTZ

Tim Carroll @ 9/24/2009 2:38:10 PM # Q
God-freaking-dammit. I like keyboard phones 'cause I can touch-type on them. A QWERTZ board would totally mess me up.

I wonder how hard it'd be to physically mod the keyboard to swap the keys. WebOS Internals tell me that a software hack to replace Z with Y and vice-versa wouldn't be very hard...
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RE: So close yet so far, QWERTZ
ocspub @ 9/24/2009 3:00:48 PM # Q
Sharpie is your friend.

481 Euros is a bit rich for my taste...
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RE: So close yet so far, QWERTZ
Ryan @ 9/24/2009 4:07:31 PM # Q
its onlz two letters Tim, you'll get used to that kezboard fast.
RE: So close yet so far, QWERTZ
freakout @ 9/24/2009 6:25:04 PM # M Q
Lol. especiallz once I hack it.
RE: So close yet so far, QWERTZ
hkklife @ 9/24/2009 7:37:53 PM # Q
All zour PIM are belong to O2 (and Palm)!
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RE: So close yet so far, QWERTZ
Winterbay @ 9/25/2009 12:47:30 AM # Q
Writing on a German keyboard is really really annoying if your used to having your y and z in their "normal" places :)
Especially if you are writing in English since there are rather a lot of Ys and Zs...
In Swedish it's not so much of a problem since the letter y is rather uncommon, as is the letter z.
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Arjuna @ 9/25/2009 2:07:30 PM # Q
Shouldn't that be "glücklich"? "Glück" is a noun meaning "happiness." Sorry, I"m a language teacher.
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