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Palm InfoCenter reporter Mike Cane is at the PC Expo in New York and he submitted this brief report from the show floor. Ryan will be attending PC Expo on Wednesday. He will add details to this report with his own report, as well as, it is hoped, provide news about the many things Mike did not see.

This report was greatly updated and hugely expanded at midnight Eastern U.S. time. If you read the previous version, you should read this one, too, because it contains a tremendous amount of new information.

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RE: Must we first have StrongARM chips and a new OS kernal?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 12:36:30 AM #
Does anyone know if we will see OS "4" palms anytime
soon? Is the sales of OS 3 devices still high?

Color Visor @ 6/28/2000 12:51:59 AM #
In his keynot speach, Handspring founder Jeff Hawkins promised that future Visors will feature rechargeable batteries and color displays along with cellular phone capabilities through add-on products.

Didn't look at Pocket PC?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 9:31:44 AM #
Who needs or wants Pocket PC's? Apparnetly all the Palm V users who are selling thei palms on e-bay as soon as they can get an ipaq. If you think all of this handspring stuff is going to happen then you're not very familiar with all the vaporware thats been announced but not delivered for months. Palm is looking very much like a one trick pony. Why anyone thought the Sony device would be a multimedia Palm is beyond me. Clearly the OS can in now way support that level of appplication.
RE: Pocket PC is drawing big crowds!
Spunky @ 6/28/2000 10:44:41 AM #
It's a shame he didn't check out the Pocket PC booths. He would have seen huge crowds of people lining up to look at Pocket PCs. I was there yesterday, and I have to say, I was impressed with Microsoft's turnout. Last year no one even gave the old WinCE devices a second look, but this year is a totally different story. When I tried to go through the PPC pavilion, I had trouble just getting in! People were packed shoulder to shoulder in some areas. I've been on the fence as to whether I should buy one or not, but after seeing the clearly broad interest in these devices, I'm thinking about getting one. My Palm zealot friends are always saying..."don't get one, no one even likes those things!". After seeing yesterday's turnout, I'm beginning to think there is more interest in this product than many here realize.

It's also funny how so many people left the Hawkins keynote, after it was over, and strolled over to the PPC booths. I think this is going to be the turning point for Microsoft.

RE: Didn't look at Pocket PC?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 11:34:08 AM #
...and microsoft makes wonderful innovative software that improves all of our lives. Three cheers for Bill Gates and the incredibly innovative Pocket PC!!!...HIP HIP....
RE: Didn't look at Pocket PC?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 11:51:10 AM #
Big crowds at the Pocket PC booth?
It's human nature...
Kinda like the gathering of curious onlookers after a train wreck...
RE: Onlookers at a trainwreck?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 2:55:46 PM #
Didn't look that way to me. Everyone there seemed rather enthusiastic to hold one of these "trainwrecks". In fact, I distinctly heard quite a few "I getting one of these!" comments.

For a dead product, it sure does sell well!

RE: Didn't look at Pocket PC?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 4:50:53 PM #
The last thing I want is to have my PDA to look like my windows BOX.. DOH!!!!
RE: Didn't look at Pocket PC?
Kilmerr @ 6/28/2000 6:36:21 PM #
Oh oh, mindless PDA wars. Each is good and differing in various ways. MS to its credit FINALLY got it right this time. But a Handspring COLOR *WITH* Flash and 16/32 meg would take em on. I don't see that yet. Palm is behind the curve and we have to get multiple add-ons for what comes default in an IPaq. Palm has had 5 years to makie the OS and machines into something of value. 2 meg VII and low-bit color IIIc is nothing to jump up and down about. Palm/Handspring and now Sony had the good simple Palm OS down pat. But sometimes I want to do more. It was a gamble bet for MS and its paying off. I like both. I like EPOC and even OS Pro and Rex cards and so on and so forth. Not even looking at another PDA strikes me as very wrongheaded.


Samuel @ 6/28/2000 8:48:01 PM #
Ya sure everyone is born a critic but it is sure a two thumbs up for creativity. But bear in mind what happen to the ugly duckling. For gadget freaks like myself it sure looks like a diamond.

Flexible keyboard

JonQuirk @ 6/28/2000 11:39:15 PM #
Use the Happy Hacking cradle with the PS2 Flexible keyboard for a portable solution to rival GoType or PPK
RE: Flexible keyboard @ 6/29/2000 12:20:28 PM #
Thank you for pointing that out! I came across an ad for the HHC last night and then recalled that it can use PS/2-connected keyboards. If I do a wrap-up report, I will be sure to mention this. It is a good solution -- and that keyboard is bound to draw a crowd. mc

Visor Batteries

Bruce in Ohio @ 6/29/2000 8:23:17 AM #
I for one, am only interested in rechargable batteries if they are removable. The fact that I can throw a bunch of batteries in my bag and work anywhere is a big plus for me.
RE: Visor Batteries @ 6/29/2000 12:22:22 PM #
I feel the same way too regarding built-in rechargables. Landware -- and others, I think -- have developed AA-based recharging units for Palms with built-in batteries. I hope they will create one for the IIIc too. I know that such a portable AA-based recharging unit would be a big enticement for me to eventually get a color unit (which I hope will be a color Visor!). mc

Stinger Finger Stylus

Scott @ 7/3/2000 9:29:44 PM #
I attended the PC Expo in NYC and got a free Stinger Finger Stylus.
At a multimillion dollar tech expo, I found it quite ironic that the best
product was this innovative little plastic stylus. It is adjustable to
any size finger and hooks on like a thimble. You can hold a pen while wearing
this stylus so you can multi-task between writing on paper and writing into your
palm pilot. Great device!!!! Found at" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

If the Palm switch to StrongARM, maybe there will be a total different story...

harcker @ 7/5/2000 7:31:12 PM #
So, all these old application won't be able to use anymore, and they need to be re compiled... Is it just a recompile probelm? COMAPQ's iPAQ using StrongARM, and it still lag of software now... I just wonder when Palm switch the OS and the CPU, maybe the Pocket PC will have a chance to be the king of the hill....
RE: If the Palm switch to StrongARM, maybe there will be a total different story...
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 10:03:37 PM #
They'll make an emulator to run the old apps inside of, just like the one the Pocket PC has now (only faster)


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