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hp veer Exactly one month after its official release date, HP's latest WebOS-powered device is already seeing some substantial price drops across the board.

Several years ago, much hoopla was made when Palm's Centro hit "free" status after nearly a year after hitting the market. But the new HP Veer 4G has already hit that price at several retailers within days of its initial availability. Amazon Wireless and Best Buy Mobile are now selling the Veer in both color choices with the usual 2yr contract for free, though AT&T's price is still the same $99.99 as it was at launch.

More surprisingly, the Veer has seen a swift decrease in its full retail unsubsidized price. Amazon Wireless is now offering both colors of the Veer without a contract for $349 and free shipping, almost certainly a record drop for a brand-new GSM device. Best Buy and AT&T are all still selling the Veer at its original full retail price of $449, however.

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Is this

linds @ 6/15/2011 5:50:40 PM # Q
The writing on the wall?
RE: Is this
LiveFaith @ 6/15/2011 7:24:41 PM # Q
I think with the Veer it is more like a 100' wide LCD billboard to communicate the message. :-D

Actually, a pretty attractive little phone. 90% of users really don't tap into the value of top end smartphone features anyway. It could work well for ladies who want to drop one in the purse and as a TouchPad companion. HP will need to bring the latest OS and other touch to share goodies to the party to sell it that way tho.

It should be a free phone. HP is just laying out the early adopters tax to recoup some ad money at the launch.
Pat Horne

RE: Is this
Tuckermaclain @ 7/3/2011 7:20:22 PM # Q
I really like my daughter's Pre. If this were available on Sprint I would get it or a Pre. I like.
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