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Despite sending out a press release last week that implied that the long-awaited GameBoy™ emulator for the Palm would be ready July 4, the Gambit Studios site contains this message, "We are excited to announce the first GameBoy emulator for the Palm platform is undergoing final testing and will be available within the next few days! Thanks for your patience."

It is interesting to note that it has apparently been renamed from Gambit to Liberty.

UPDATE: Aaron Ardiri, user interface developer for the Liberty emulator, posted a few screenshots here to calm the nay-sayers. The release date could be any day now. Please be patient, a lot of time and effort has been invested in this and it will be quite worth the wait! -Ryan

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A couple of (late) questions

BrianX124 @ 7/4/2000 2:15:34 PM #
Ok, Maven or one of the beta testers, Just a couple questions, (lol I know the Emulator is to be realesed today, but i'm bored) So anyway Maven,

1. Will it be Freeware?
2. Will you include software to convert the roms?
3. Will it work with the Visor?
4. How large will an average Rom be? (I only got 2 megs)
5. Will it be freeware (lol)



RE: A couple of (late) questions
Justin @ 7/5/2000 1:14:11 AM #
Well, i am not a tester or anything, but ROMs can be any size, it depends on the size of the actual game. What you're asking is sort of like "How many megabytes will each game take up on my Mac/PC".
RE: A couple of (late) questions
Maven @ 7/5/2000 1:18:26 AM #
It's late, so I'll make it quick:

1. There will be two versions

2. Yes

3. Most definately

4. Anywhere from 64 KB (Tetris) to 2MB (Pokemon) and many in-between

5. Depends how big a game you want to play :-)

Your welcome,<>


Aaron Ardiri @ 7/5/2000 8:26:52 AM #

Maven and myself have been putting days and days
of sleepless nights into this product, and you
*could* have it right now. however, there are some
small problems that we would like to fix before we
release it publically. why would you want a buggy
version of the software? the wait will not be LONG :)

In the mean time, play some of my games :)) which i
have now made free:" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

Hold in there!!!

// az

RE: YOU *could* HAVE IT TODAY -> Flame
Raphael @ 7/5/2000 9:05:57 AM #
There is one thing that I don't understand... The author is still fixing 'small problems' and 'improving compatibility' ??? While the program was announced more than one year ago ??? Funny joke:-) One more 'funny' thing that I didn't know before: Isn't this email address '' the same one as the one that agreed to betatest Zen, received it, and then never gave me absolutely no news at all ??? I didn't know that '' was a Gambit co-author, but this explains a lot of things...



I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 9:18:17 AM #
Can a beta or something be released? I really need it by July 6 before 3:00pm, I'm going on vacation!
RE: ARG!!!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 1:57:45 AM #


Xak ( @ 7/5/2000 11:07:11 AM #
Well, I was really dissapointed to see that Liberty was postponed *indefenately*. I was, however, very happy when I saw the screenshots. Just by them I can see that it supports color and several games! Anyway, I don't want to bug you, Maven, but I would like to suggest that you put a little more info on the webpage. Also, I write for a local computer publication, and I have E-Mailed you already about info for the press, but to no avail. Keep working Maven, don't give up, and keep in mind that possibly it might be better to release a beta, or a not-quite fully functional version to the public rather than continue post0poning the release.

Thanks for your time!


Vigo Sprax @ 7/5/2000 9:17:53 PM #
After launch will we see a better looking website? No offense, but the current one is a little on the crappy side - the imaghes should be edited in something nicer than MS Paint.
RE: Website
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 9:48:16 PM #
I think they should stop work on the emulator, and fix up the web site first... maybe get the emulator out after (joke, guys!)
RE: Website
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 10:51:25 PM #
Yeah, Stop everything on the emulator (making it come out later) and make that website look good! That will do hte trick! You Big JackAss (Making fun of Vigo, not anonyomous)
RE: Website
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 12:37:04 AM #
Funny you should say that! I make web pages and i e-mails GambitStudio asking if i could make a web site for them in exchange for, say a free copy of the gameboy emu (damn cheap IMHO, I normaly get $$$$).

Anyway, best of luck with the emu marvan.


RE: Website
nick @ 7/6/2000 11:29:49 AM #
Judging by the anonymous Jasons grammer I am not surprised that they declined his offer for website design.

i wander if it is a hoax

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 9:55:53 PM #
i wander if it is a hoax jbp
RE: i wander if it is a hoax
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 10:53:51 PM #
Yeah, its a hoax Dip Shit.
RE: i wander if it is a hoax
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 10:54:04 PM #
You were being sarcastic right?
RE: i wander if it is a hoax
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 10:54:17 PM #
RE: i wander if it is a hoax
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 2:34:36 PM #
It probably IS ! We haven't seen jack shit yet. You told us last year it would be out in a few weeks maven. I'm dissappointed.
RE: i wander if it is a hoax
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 7:39:59 PM #
i'm afraid its not... there's leaked betas out there (not playable, but they still emulate tetris) - so at least we know its not a hoax, but who knows when the first stable version will be released... i've heard rumors of it being 7/7 or 7/8.
RE: i wonder if it is a hoax
Hared @ 7/7/2000 8:32:11 AM #
I think it is a hoax. I really, really elaborate one. So elaborate, in fact, that they went ahead and wrote an emulator and they are going to sell it and people will use it and like it. But don't be confused, it is still all a hoax.


Aaron Ardiri @ 7/5/2000 10:13:05 PM #

i wasted 30 mins of my "programming" time to provide some better proof that this thing is real.. :)) at 4am, with no sleep - thats all you will get for now!!" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

thanks for "pthree" for mirroring the pictures.. no "scooping" :)) lets just realize this project is real - and is very near completion :P

the *more* you whing and complain - the longer we take :P it will definately be worth waiting for!

// az

stupid question

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 9:53:28 AM #
Will the Liberty program run or has it been tried on a Palm Pilot emulator for Windows? Not that there is any point to this question, just feeling curious! I have a Palm V and since I read the Palm Vx has a 20mhz Dragonball (sic) chip instead of the 14 or 16 that mine has, my feelings are that my palm will be too slow for liberty. And I only have 2 Mb, really need a Smartmedia slot in the next Palm V... And an other thing, I have a Nintendo Tetris Watch! cost me 5 pounds a few years back, it's a classic

Death of native Palm game development

Kellog @ 7/6/2000 1:50:05 PM #
While a GameBoy emulator will be great, will it mean the end of the market for the development of original native Palm games such as Zap2000 or Void?
RE: Death of native Palm game development
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 2:36:28 PM #
nope ... those games will run much faster and smoother then any gameboy emulator can run...
RE: Death of native Palm game development
Maven @ 7/6/2000 2:54:57 PM #
I agree with the previous post... plus, a lot can be done on a Palm that can't on a Gameboy... the touch-sensitive screen is one of the benefits... it's a pain to 'type' your name into a GB game.

Another thing, the Palm has more RAM, and 4 times the speed.

Gambit Studios main goal is to develop awesome games for the Palms... the emulator will just provide the funding to do so. We are in negotiations with two major game publishers to port their top-of-the-line titles to the Palm... titles from the Playstation and PC!!!

Keep watching... the future is exciting!

its up

pthree @ 7/6/2000 7:39:39 PM #
RE: its up
pthree @ 7/6/2000 8:14:53 PM #
my bad, -beta +shareware d'oh :)

AfterBurner Question

BrianX124 @ 7/7/2000 6:10:42 PM #
Hello, I was wondering...
Since afterburner is overclocking my visor, does that mean I risk hardware failure? I know about the risk of loosing all my software, but I do not want to permanetly damage my visor. I have stopped overclocking until I can get an answer.... Thanks!
RE: AfterBurner Question
Dylan @ 7/10/2000 12:37:22 PM #
As far as I have read, you can over clock up to 26 with no worries, 28 over clocking is the maximum recommended, it should not damage your hardware, I have ben running my palm at 28 Mhz for a week now, and the only downside is that the batteries are used up faster. Overclocking of a processor basically means feeding it more power to run faster and therefor it runs hotter. this is an issue with P100 P200 and P1000 (fridge cooled) but with a 20 Mhz chip it's not so much an issue


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